Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Brian is Lazy

Very long time with no post. We are healthy and happy and awaiting Sam's arrival. He should be here in about six more weeks and we are finishing up the rest of the stuff that has to be done- car seat, crib mattress, washing his clothes- before he gets here.
As for pregnancy, I am doing well, I just have to choose between eating and breathing at times. He is now big enough that he could stay downstairs in the regular nursery if born today and not have to go into the NICU. He just would have to act like a big boy. He and the cat play daily rounds of patty-cake with each other, it would be more amusing if my belly wasn't in between them, but still cute.
Brian is busy at work. This week he is acting chief resident which means that he has minions and gets to make executive decisions until the real chiefs return.
Thanksgiving was. . . Strange. We went from not having anyone to having twelve people we barely know over for it. Long story, but a good time was had by all.
I found something called non-alcoholic wine. It is regular wine (in this case merlot) that has had the alcohol removed magically. It does not suck. I would still rather have real wine, but I think that the quality has something to do with the company that makes it rather than the grape. We will see if it is worthwhile enough to try again before I can have real wine.
Hope all is well with everybody else