Friday, June 23, 2006

Thanks everyone for your thought and prayers. I went to the doctor yesterday and found out that Brian and I were right about the due date. He or She will be due the middle of January, the 14th to be exact. The baby waved at me when Dr. Holt did the ultrasound. Other than that s/he is where s/he is supposed to be, with a beautiful head and a great, healthy heart. My morning sickness, for the most part, has subsided. Sadly, it took full on aversion therapy at the yearly crawfish boil for it to end. Let's just say I will never be able to eat the little buggers again, but I haven't been sick since.
Brian also pronounced me an incredibly cheap date since wine is no longer an option and chocolate doesn't taste, I don't know, right anymore. It is amazing how something so tiny can change your life so completely before it is even on this planet. I have this overwhelming knowledge that my body is no longer my own, and everything I do is controlled by a tiny bundle of cells that I can't feel yet and don't know if it is there but it exists. That is why can't call she or he "it" even though right now it is an "it" as those parts are barely developed and still look alike. I apologize for the s/he, I just can't figure out a better way to say it.
On other fronts, Lindy and Kicker are coming up this weekend and we are cleaning. Brian is very happy to become a senior resident in a few days and for his mini-vacation (today is New Year's Day- ain't comp time grand). I am still enjoying my part-time "fun job" at Michaels and the cats are sleeping in the newly purchased bassinet. I am not sure how the animals will react to a new creature in the home, we are predicting that the dog will love her, and the cats will hate her and blame the dog for her existence. Has anyone found a site of MP3's that are household sounds, like a baby crying?

Sunday, June 04, 2006

News: a somewhat loaded blog entry

So Brian finally gave me the password to post on the blog. Here is the bad news. After much soul searching I have decided that I am not going to be a pediatrician anymore. I might rejoin a residency somewhere once I Brian leaves, but I cannot do pediatric residency in Kentucky. I am still not sure what I am going to do now that I am "retired" but I am sure some of my time will be taken up by the much bigger news of this:
We are going to be parents.
I am due (according to the calendar, but not by our calculations) at the very end of December. So we will be having a snow baby. I am joining Claudia on the whole, good grief, what can I eat thing, but for those keeping score I have given up alcohol and the occasional stress induced cigarette. Morning sickness sucks, but it does mean that The Football, as Brian has dubbed it, is pumping out the hormones it needs to be healthy. I am busy knitting for it, and looking for deals on baby stuff where I can find them.
Our friends here have been extremely supportive, even if they are a bit weirded out by the news. We are the first in our little group here to have a baby, so it seems strange. Especially as I am no longer invited to go to the bars with our single friends, which I really did enjoy. So in short, we are scared but happy and will be in Lexington for the next two years and then hitting the road for parts unknown with a baby in tow.