Sunday, March 12, 2006

Still working

I see that the movie about myotonic goats was perhaps only as entertaining to a few as I had hoped it would be for all.

I'm still amazed at how patient that I have been. Yes I have not even started the Battlestar finale yet. I was waiting to have both parts together, but now I'm being patient to wait on a 2-hour uninterrupted slot of time. Amazing

Work has been nice and busy this week. I just had my first day off in 2 weeks today. Loved it. Didn't do a damn thing and that was by design. Heather is sick now, as evidence by finding her semi-conscious unable to move the TV channel past KET (Kentucky's version of PBS), which had a fascinating documentary on some of the first settlers rafting their way down the Ohio River. Fascinating and scintillating at once.

I think it might be nearly spring. We now have three trees which are putting out leaf buds. That and it has been several days since there was frost on the windshield in the morning.