Thursday, January 26, 2006

OK, OK, I'll start blogging again

I guess it's been a while, huh? My other most recent post (from November) had accumulated not 1, but 2, junk-reply-thingies. I suppose that that is a hint.

Ordinarily I would say that nothing has happened in the past two months, but for once that isn't completely true. Heather had a great birthday party last week, compliments of some of our friends that helped out to host. Our house is currently undergoing the "Restoration" and it has nothing to do with ending the rule of Oliver Cromwell. Christmas chaos and messiness happened to coincide with a murderous call schedule for both of us and the result was a house in complete disarray. Hence, there has been some urban, room-by-room, combat underway to make the place liveable and usable again.

Most excitingly, Heather got me a beer-brewing equipment set for Christmas. Oh, what a fun new hobby. I have been reading the ancient posts on Worts and All with great avidity. I've managed the following since starting, oh yes, on the afternoon of Christmas day, mere hours after present-opening:
Batch #1: Pale Ale: the ingredients of which came in the kit, and well, this one kinda sucks
Batch #2: Red Ale: got a kit at Liquor Barn and then scaled it down to my half-batch fermentor. Really, really good, and I'm not just saying that.
Batch #3: Raspberry Wheat (think Purple Haze): still in the bottle-carbonation phase. Can't wait
Batch #4: "Heather beer": Heather insisted on getting an herb flavoring called heather tips one day. I also had some leftover beer parts (amber extract, random caramunich grain, some random hops, I think Cascade). Still in the fermentor and I have NO IDEA how the hell this will taste. Hopefully delicious since it carries Heather's name.
Batch #5: I made two graduations today. Once, I got a full-size (5 gallon batch) fermentor finally after experimenting with the half-size. Second, I'm trying a lager. An actual lager yeast at lager temperature. The benefit (I suppose) of a Kentucky winter and the inefficiency of central heat is that our bonus room between the heated part of the house and the garage stays in the low 50's all winter. Patience here will definitely be the key. Hopefully all the other beer I've made will keep me occupied long enough to leave that stuff lagering long enough.

Anywho, I'm obviously very caught up with things.


Blogger Claudia said...

Glad you're enjoying the brewing. Jon has been doing a lot of it lately, just not updating the blog. Of course, I no longer get to sample the product, but he and his friends seem to be enjoying it.

2:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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