Sunday, November 06, 2005


So this was the weekend that Auburn came to town to play the venerable and feisty UKats. Friday night, downtown was covered up with Auburn fans, many of whom seemed a little sheepish at first. After all, most SEC hometowns aren't known for their friendliness to opposing teams' fans. And some are even downright criminals and animals (Gee, who is that?). Lexington however is a stark contrast. A waitress at our restaurant, speaking to a middle-aged Auburn couple, clearly stated "Have a good day tomorrow. I think you guys will win. We're pretty bad and I think I've heard that you guys are pretty good". And then at a music venue, at least 80% of the patrons were exhibiting AU paraphernalia. The performer stopped midway through his set and announced that he just hoped that UK kept it close for a half. This was a bizarre experience overall.

Oh the game, not even close. UK thought that there were several bad calls, but with the power of DVR and a rebroadcast last night, it just shows that losing teams tend to blame the refs. Come on, the third-string tailback had 164 rushing yards. This game was never in doubt, unless you listen to UK fans.

IN CONTRAST, did anyone see the end of the Vandy-Florida game? What the hell kind of celebration did he perform that warranted that flag? Sure, on slow motion, it looked like he started to do a little dance, but in realtime, it amounted to a 1-second subtle torso sway. Excessive celebration? Between Bobby Johnson and Mark Richt, the SEC officiating office will have an earful over that.

Yes, in case you can't tell, this weekend was devoted pretty much to nothing but football in my world.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gosh damn it to hell. I thought for the first time in my life was going to see Vandy beat Florida.

I maybe in Califonia but I still keep the hate alive for Florida....

Go LA Kings, top of the pacific and rolling:).


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Best regards from NY! » »

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