Sunday, October 30, 2005


After having cancelled our trip to the Keys, we had a much lower key vacation than planned, visiting some family and doing some other random things. We did get out to the Gorge while the leaves were still at peak. There will be pictures soon (maybe). We got to work on the house some and clean up a lot of areas that had become extremely messy in the wake of some busier than average months at the hospital that were back-to-back. After getting back from visiting some family, we took a day trip to Kentucky's capital, Frankfort (OK, daytrip is a strong word since it's 30 minutes away). There we took a tour of the Buffalo Trace distillery, which among some lesser brands as well, makes Blanton's bourbon. This now marks the 3rd 'still we've made it to on the Bourbon Trail. Alas, back to work tomorrow.