Tuesday, October 04, 2005


So apparently today is my birthday. 27 years ago today they buried a pope (John Paul I, maybe) and oh yeah, I was born. I only know about the pope thing because according to relatives in the waiting room, in the pre-cable era, that was the only thing on TV and it was nightmarishly boring, especially for non-catholics who couldn't really care less.

My wonderful wife, at my suggestion, has given me the gift of health, or at least potential closed head trauma, in the form of a bicycle. Our neigborhood exhibits a variety of riding environments from uphill to downhill to flat. Sidewalk, pavement, and grass. This is the first time since early high school that I have had a bicycle. I'm still remembering the whole gear-shifting thing and other basic elements of riding. Lance Armstrong's record is safe for now. We went yesterday to this little bikeshop between the university and downtown, where it seems that everyone was Dutch. If there is one thing I've learned about the Dutch and particularly Amsterdammers, they love their bikes. I now have one of the least expensive bikes in the store, but absolutely love it. I don't even realize how gimpy it probably is.

Another controversy is our upcoming vacation, the first in 7 months. I think tonight we finally decided on Key West over Santa Fe or the Pacific northwest. Talk about comparing apples and oranges. I think they key element of sitting on a beach with a fruity drink won out over Navajo trinkets and hiking the North Cascades. Really, anywhere is awesome and it doesn't matter.


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Blogger richard said...

happy birthday, and enjoy the riding.

9:10 PM  
Blogger Carrie said...

Happy Birthday!

Key West is nice. Watch out for the six-toed cats.

11:20 AM  
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