Sunday, October 30, 2005


After having cancelled our trip to the Keys, we had a much lower key vacation than planned, visiting some family and doing some other random things. We did get out to the Gorge while the leaves were still at peak. There will be pictures soon (maybe). We got to work on the house some and clean up a lot of areas that had become extremely messy in the wake of some busier than average months at the hospital that were back-to-back. After getting back from visiting some family, we took a day trip to Kentucky's capital, Frankfort (OK, daytrip is a strong word since it's 30 minutes away). There we took a tour of the Buffalo Trace distillery, which among some lesser brands as well, makes Blanton's bourbon. This now marks the 3rd 'still we've made it to on the Bourbon Trail. Alas, back to work tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Claudia and Jon have definitely taken the biggest step toward an actual family. We only this week got our first dog together. We now have an 11-month old mix from the Woodford County shelter. Yes, the same Woodford county as the bourbon, for anyone familiar. She is definitely a mix, but is reportedly mostly Catahoula leopard dog.

Guess where we were going on vacation? We were going to Key West. WERE. Stupid hurricane. Stupid late-season, biggest hurricane ever. Phooey. What kind of name is Wilma anyway? The funny thing is that one of the higher-ups in my department has been planning on a trip to a meeting there, so we had a discussion on what to do with airline credits. Not much this time of year, apparently. According to Travelocity, it's not too late to book a last-minute flight to beautiful Cleveland. Or maybe Moline, IL.

I just noticed the pile of books by my bed and thought this was a strange mix for my current reading projects:

House of Leaves
The Dobsonian Telescope
Diagnosis of Stupor and Coma
The Zombie Survival Guide
Insider's Guide to the Florida Keys (I guess that one's on hold in favor of: )
Seattle and the Pacific Northwest

Friday, October 07, 2005


What are those numbers? The high temp for 2 days ago minus the high temp for today. It certainly feels like fall now. And it's raining. Or misting. Or trying to precipitate.

In my possession: tickets to the Auburn-Kentucky game, which I managed to obtain in the visiting team, ie Auburn, section. It should be fabtabulous, in 4 weeks.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


So apparently today is my birthday. 27 years ago today they buried a pope (John Paul I, maybe) and oh yeah, I was born. I only know about the pope thing because according to relatives in the waiting room, in the pre-cable era, that was the only thing on TV and it was nightmarishly boring, especially for non-catholics who couldn't really care less.

My wonderful wife, at my suggestion, has given me the gift of health, or at least potential closed head trauma, in the form of a bicycle. Our neigborhood exhibits a variety of riding environments from uphill to downhill to flat. Sidewalk, pavement, and grass. This is the first time since early high school that I have had a bicycle. I'm still remembering the whole gear-shifting thing and other basic elements of riding. Lance Armstrong's record is safe for now. We went yesterday to this little bikeshop between the university and downtown, where it seems that everyone was Dutch. If there is one thing I've learned about the Dutch and particularly Amsterdammers, they love their bikes. I now have one of the least expensive bikes in the store, but absolutely love it. I don't even realize how gimpy it probably is.

Another controversy is our upcoming vacation, the first in 7 months. I think tonight we finally decided on Key West over Santa Fe or the Pacific northwest. Talk about comparing apples and oranges. I think they key element of sitting on a beach with a fruity drink won out over Navajo trinkets and hiking the North Cascades. Really, anywhere is awesome and it doesn't matter.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

It lives

Perhaps I will try again to post today. I've finally completed the changes to the template to make it readable and have also reinsituted links. It's not that I'm slow, I just work on an incredibly slow timescale. So what's been going on?

The last 2 months have been 2 of the busiest that I will have this entire year (that is, until next April and then next July). This past month I was on Child Neurology. That is a lot of disabled little children. Great fun. I am now moving on to a cush elective month on Neuroradiology. Should be a lot of half days. And golf. There is now limited time before the grass goes away and there's no more golf until spring. Enough of work.

Football season has obviously started. Sure, Auburn lost the first game, but played with what appeared to be the intention of losing it. I'm not sure what part of the master plan that that fulfills. The running game has really come around since then (sure, against teams the best of which was the I-AA opponent WKU). Tonight's game against South Carolina will be very telling. I would also like to point out on a random note that if Vanderbilt beats MTSU tonight and a miserably awful Kentucky team later, they will be bowl eligible. Whew! Also, this is not meant as a direct attack, but merely an observation. The TV camera panning around LSU's stadium Monday night at the end of the game showing the complete stun on those fans' faces was some of the best TV I've seen in a while. You just can't script that kind of dejection.

Speaking of TV, there are some good shows out this year. We are now having weekly Lost gatherings which can only be hosted by people with TVs >27" and with DVR for instant replay and slow motion. The numbers were on that vial of medicine he took in the first episode. And the logo on the shark's tail is slightly different from the one all over the inside of the hatch in case no one noticed. Rome is absolutely beautiful to watch. I'm already a sucker for anything involving Roman history and the period surrounding the change from republic to autocracy is one of the most interesting. There are others as well, but those top the list by far. We're still catching up on the 1st season of Deadwood (see above comment about different timetable) though we've already seen the entire second season.

What else? We got to spend some quality time at the Gorge a few weeks ago. Beautiful place loaded with good trails at all skill levels. And no fences. Your last warning is often a sign at the beginning of a trail which says dangerous cliffs and illustrated by a stick figure halfway down a precipice with lines for air streamers around him indicating downward motion. Love it. If I have done this properly then there will be a picture of Half Moon Rock below, one of dozens if not hundreds of interesting formations (large and small) in the gorge..

I know that I post this every October and every April, but the Keeneland fall racing meet is beginning on Friday. It's just fun, OK.

Maybe I'll post more later if this doesn't fail and irritate me.