Thursday, August 11, 2005

They're kidding, right?

So now the NCAA has proclaimed that 18 schools which use Native American-related mascot names cannot use those names in post-season playoffs. All of them, no exceptions. OK, sure, whatever that place was whose nickname was "Savages" might be a little off, but at least one, is actually endorsed by that band. (Yes, the Seminoles are actually a band of the Creek nation). Nevermind that there is still a large percentage of D-I athletes that never see a diploma (besides their agent's on the wall of an office). Nevermind that at some places, not to name Nebraska, Tennessee, Florida State, complete thugs populate the teams. If there is a group that does not approve of a mascot, or for some reason, actually takes offense at a mascot, here's a novel idea. DON'T SUPPORT THAT TEAM. You don't have to bitch and moan and make a fuss.


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