Thursday, August 11, 2005

He's kidding, right?

So Tommy Tuberville has publicly stated that he thinks that this year's team is the most talented he has ever coached. Sure, someone in a coma for a year and unaware of last year's team might not do a double take on that statement. Really, he's serious. Nevermind that the entire backfield (and a cornerback) went in the first round of the NFL draft. He's serious. Jason Campbell was statistically, at least, the most accurate passer in school history. (Keep in mind that Auburn for most of its history was not even aware of the passing option.) He thinks that Brandon Cox is more accurate, although obviously less experienced at this point. Not to mention that he has an autoimmune neuromuscular ailment "under control". The other point is that last year there were 2 great backs, this year there are supposedly 4 (even if none are I quite the same caliber as Cadillac and Hummer (or whatever large vehicle represents Brown)). This will be an interesting season indeed. Not to mention the coaching changes. .... more later

Please, please, can someone share why for the last month there's the annoying blank space at the top of these posts?


Blogger Chad said...

Blogger added code to let you support adding pictures into your post. In doing so they screwed up some of the templates, including that one that you use and the one that I used to use until I became so annoyed with the blank space I took two days to fix it when I should have been giving my all for IBM. Anyway, change to a different template, and it should go away.

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Blogger Brian said...


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