Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Can't keep me down for I am Lazarus

Those are actually the words that my computer spit out tonight when it was reborn. As some may know, I had a recent run-in with a piece of crap PNY RAM chip. Apparently the lesson here is DO NOT BUY MEMORY FROM PNY. It's really good at corrupting core Windows files. Good thing I have the 120GB hard drive; this way it can support all of the parallel installations of XP that it now takes to have uncorrupted files and run it just like before. This really reminds of that plant that I had in college that after every break turned completely wilted and brown, but man, you could put half a cup of water in that thing and it would look great, or at least alive, in 30 minutes.

World travelers maybe?
So last week, Heather and I were at the bookstore perusing the travel section trying to decide where to go for our big vacation this fall. After some frustration, we finally settled on London. What happens the next day? Some shitheads fucking set off bombs. I think we can just look at this as a financial windfall. Get this: as of today, you can fly from Cincinnati to Paris to London for $150 less per person one-way that you can to simply take the direct flight from Cincinnati to Paris. That doesn't even make sense, but if it saves money, why argue with it? Air France, go figure. Though now we're having second thoughts about a European destination in late October; may not be the prettiest time. Or maybe it is; we really don't know. Any thoughts?


Blogger Claudia said...

I've only been to Ireland (beautiful) and England (for work), so I'm probably not much help. But if London is too scary, there's lots of amazing countryside with old castles and forts and whatnot to explore. It's crazy expensive though. Basically, the numbers are the same as in the states, but since those numbers are in sterling, everything costs about twice as much.

11:32 AM  
Blogger Carrie said...

I hear its cold. Real cold. But that was coming from some native Louisianians. Maybe it won't be too too cold yet in October.

I loved London when I was there, moreso than Paris, but I didn't get a chance to explore Paris as much (and it was during the Tour de France that we were there, and I hear that the French get sort of irritated with tourists around that time).

I would like to go back to Germany, and visit the southern part and maybe Switzerland.

6:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did the Euro-backpacking thing 3 years ago (asked the wife to marry me in Vienna).

England is a really nice place with some of the best Museums in the world. Got to love the English doesn't matter where they went on earth they made sure to bring something back. Good food (yea I know but its incredibly good Indian food and English beer works really well with Masala). Also surprisingly nice people although honestly i’ve never had a problem with anyone when I travel (except drunk ass German tourists). The city can be a little rough though. But no worse then New Orleans and the Hostels are good.

Didn't like the Netherlands one bit. To many damn drunk Germans running around getting drugged out of their minds.

Austria is very nice although its a little strange to walk into a War Museum with all sorts of Nazi stuff sitting around and it being run by WWII vets. Only problem with we had is that its hard to find real Germanic food. Great public transit though.

Italia is fun but its HOT. I think everyone should go to Venice if for no other reason then to see some of the great wonders of the world. Be careful in tourist season though because it fills with hundreds of thousands of people.

Havn't been to the Norse lands yet but I want to:).

On another note I and Emily are going to be in London/Southern England in late August and much of Sept. Going to be running around London and taking the train to wherever we want to go that day. If you are in the area i'll buy ya a Taddy Porter (yes that’s the name).


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