Sunday, July 24, 2005

Second Thoughts

Just when we were sure that we wanted to go to London this fall for our first foreign travel experience, another round of bombs went off. Hmm. Maybe this will just make the airfare go down even further. It remains to be seen where we actually end up going to. Not much else is going on here. The efforts of the past week have been focused on getting the house in "general order" as we are entertaining the idea of having a cleaning person come through every couple of weeks and do the real cleaning things that we by no means have time or energy for. After a year of residency it seems that this is going to be a necessity. And some of our friends with the exact same income are doing it, so it must not be that much, right?

Haven't finished Harry Potter yet. It's slow going when you can only read 30 pages at a time before passing out from exhaustion. Good so far though. I'll finish it eventually.

"It's the most happiest time of the year" or however that song goes. I seem to start singing it every year during the month or so before football season. I got to meet an Alabama fan at the hospital the other day. I took great pleasure in reminding him that Alabama is only the 4th best team in the state of Alabama, behind Auburn 1st team, Auburn's 2nd team, and Troy. (I think the reference to Auburn's 2nd team being better irked him the most). Some things remain traditional no matter where you are. Even better, a couple from Georgia moved in across the street from us. November will be fun indeed.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Can't keep me down for I am Lazarus

Those are actually the words that my computer spit out tonight when it was reborn. As some may know, I had a recent run-in with a piece of crap PNY RAM chip. Apparently the lesson here is DO NOT BUY MEMORY FROM PNY. It's really good at corrupting core Windows files. Good thing I have the 120GB hard drive; this way it can support all of the parallel installations of XP that it now takes to have uncorrupted files and run it just like before. This really reminds of that plant that I had in college that after every break turned completely wilted and brown, but man, you could put half a cup of water in that thing and it would look great, or at least alive, in 30 minutes.

World travelers maybe?
So last week, Heather and I were at the bookstore perusing the travel section trying to decide where to go for our big vacation this fall. After some frustration, we finally settled on London. What happens the next day? Some shitheads fucking set off bombs. I think we can just look at this as a financial windfall. Get this: as of today, you can fly from Cincinnati to Paris to London for $150 less per person one-way that you can to simply take the direct flight from Cincinnati to Paris. That doesn't even make sense, but if it saves money, why argue with it? Air France, go figure. Though now we're having second thoughts about a European destination in late October; may not be the prettiest time. Or maybe it is; we really don't know. Any thoughts?