Tuesday, June 28, 2005

There is a wind blowing

I have now completed 363 days of the intern year. I have exactly 30 hours remaining (6am tomorrow until Noon on Thursday). Around the hospital there have been groups of new incoming interns taking group tours with their respective departments. Fresh faces, as-of-yet unjaded by the process. Fresh faces who don't realize that they're in my parking spot (if I don't always park in the 3rd spot from the stairwell on the 2nd floor, I absolutely will not be able to find my car after a 30 hour sleepless shift.) The new people need to bugger off and park somewhere else. The coming year will be quite busy as well, but nothing like the previous one. I will never be on call more than 6 times in one month. I will get holidays. I will get vacation. My pager will go off much, much less. Even more so as my new interns learn what they're doing as the new year progresses. When my pager does go off, it will be for interesting things, such as emergencies in the ER and transfers from other hospitals where other people couldn't figure out what the hell was wrong with the patient, rather than "can so and so have a tylenol?" I have already become proficient and will become expert at doing something to people that no one wants done, ie, the spinal tap. Oh yes, and I will get a raise.

Other News
Heather and I took a walk around our neighborhood today. Thoroughly enjoyable. Once again, we really enjoy the part of town that we live in and we feel lucky to have found a subdivision in which the architectural style of every home is unique and interesting as opposed to the damn cookie-cutter suburban crap covering the rest of this town and most others as well. We also are appreciative that our neighborhood actually has trees and homeowners interested in at least some basic level of landscaping...

Speaking of which, I finally got to do some trimming of some of our backyard shrubbery the other day. Looks much better. The gladioli planted in the front back in April are finally starting to bloom now. I had forgotten that we had gotten several different colors of them. Should look cool in a few more days. I've also finally given up and decided that mulch is indeed the answer to weed and grass control in certain places and have started working in a few places. This fall should bring a few projects too, including moving some things around that just aren't in the right place anymore.

This is what happens when one goes weeks without posting.


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