Monday, May 23, 2005

Some amusing quotes from the hospital

"Anybody seen Garden State? Natalie Portman plays a really cute epileptic girl in that. I like it when hot actresses play women with disability, because it's so easy to imagine taking advantage"
---during dinner on call

"I don't give a shit if that guy sues. I've never met a lawyer impervious to a .223 round"

"Give me 5.5lbs of uranium and some other stuff and I can fix this place quick"
---one night near the end of call

"Is this the fuckhead on withdrawal from cocaine? Oh, my bad, that's the other fuckhead. This guy's the alcohol withdrawal. Yeah, he's a real fuckhead too."
---overheard on the phone on a call from a nurse

1st voice: "Psych thinks this lady is psychotic but doesn't want her in the psych unit because they're too busy." 2nd voice: "That's fine, she can be crazy at the house. Send her home"

I swear none of these came from me personally.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Less than 100 hours

Of total work time. 8 days really. Joy.

Our roses are really blooming now. When I am home and awake during daylight I promise to get some pictures up. We have a peony blooming too, whatever that is.

I finally gave in and ordered a Dell Axim, just like Heather's. I think it might arrive tomorrow. Joy.

Just too tired to write much.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Bright Spots

Not to make residency sound completely shitty. There are bright spots. Like those 4 days a month that we actually get off. I got to play some golf today. Shot an amazing 59 on 9 holes. That's actually an improvement from my last outing. And a bonus: we got to see a bunny rabbit. Warm fuzzy feeling. And on another note, I've devised a scheme wherein all the planter plants on our deck can now be watered by a dedicated hose snaked up through the deck steps from the faucet on the patio. I have this drive to make everything much simpler. Much, much simpler. Ooh, and before I forget, the roses are about to start blooming. I may even post pictures. If they look OK. Later

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

What, a countdown? I would never start that 638 hours before the last internal medicine I ever have to do.

Sigh. Again. Sigh. Let's review internal medicine. People have bad hearts, they have belly pain, they have abscesses in strange places, they have bad kidneys. But alas, understanding and dealing with these problems is necessary before moving on to more interesting things, like cutting edge neurovascular interventions for stroke treatment or deep brain stimulation for Parkinson's. Just a few hundred more hours until I'm there.

Then there's my other countdown. Sometime in mid-July Auburn will start selling tickets to non-season-ticket-holders, meaning I can go online and get tickets for the AU-UK game in November, and more imporantly get to sit in the correct section. I'm definitely down to thinking about the important things in life at this point. I don't even know if I would be off that day, but I can make something happen if need be.