Friday, April 15, 2005

Victory at last

So, I obviously did not do well with my online bracket. However, apparently, with the exact same picks I won my bracket with some people at the hospital. And the stakes in that bracket were twice as high. Whoopie.

'Tis golf season again. Got to play golf for the first time in well over a year yesterday. Didn't actually do too badly. For me. 66 on nine holes. Would have been under 60 except for one particularly bad hole. I want to be back down into the 50's before winter again. Only lost about 3 balls also. As should be obvious, I have VERY modest goals when it comes to golf.

And one last victory: got our refund check from the state tax return today. Just gotta get the federal now. I hate lending the government money interest-free, but since this is the first time I've filed since 1998, I was a little rusty at estimating paycheck withholding.