Monday, April 25, 2005


Hey, it's spring! No, wait, it's winter. Oh, hold on, no it's spring again. It freakin snowed Saturday night. Just a dusting. The air temperature only got down to about 33 and the ground didn't freeze at all. And it melted instantaneously. Good thing since it was snowing onto the freakin spring flower blooms. What the hell?!? There for two days it actually felt like winter again. Or it would have, except that I spent from 8am Sat until Noon on Sun in the hospital.

What else is going on? Oh yeah, that's right, Auburn put 4 first-round picks into the NFL draft. Holy shit. Four years ago, I would have never thought that Jason Campbell would still be starting QB, let alone a first-round draft pick. Kudos to him, he has really come a long way. Especially having a new offensive coordinator and new offense to learn every single year of his college career.

The downside to having 4 players graduate and go in the 1st round is that it seems to leave the team a little dry on experience at key positions like QB, TB, other TB, CB. Huh, wonder what next year will be like.

Thanks to digital cable and free onDemand, we can start Deadwood at the very beginning of season 2 and catch up a show at a time whenever we have a chance. Unfortunately, we're so busy that we're only about 3/4 of the way through the first show of the season. We'll get there eventually.


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