Friday, April 22, 2005

Cruel Sense of Humor

First off, let's just be honest about this, is it considered to be funny when patients forget to go their appointments in Memory Disorders Clinic? Just for a moment, come on, you know it is.

Apparently we need to seriously reconsider our strategy at the horse track. That is, the only time we ever win is when Heather picks one with a pretty name. Or that they jockey is wearing pretty colors. Or when Heather picks a horse with "pretty eyes". Apparently my in-depth analysis of class, speed, trainer, jockey, and prior performances means ABSOLUTELY nothing. That being said, last Saturday was a beautiful day at Keeneland and the Bluegrass Stakes was a great race. I thought that either Consolidator or Sun King would get it, but Bandini came out of nowhere. The Kentucky Derby will be very interesting this year. The rough thing about Keeneland though, is that on Saturdays, almost as many people show up as go to UK football games. Think about that for a moment. And another moment. Luckily our second and last trip during this season will come on Wednesday when things aren't nearly as crowded.

So, we were considering adding HBO to our cable for some time now, and seeing the comments about Deadwood from Jon and Claudia I think finally put us over the edge. Wow, damn good show. Not to mention all of the movies that we're catching up on.


Blogger Claudia said...

They have marathons occasionally so that you can catch up on the season so far. It is SO GOOD. The best thing on TV right now. Enjoy.

7:55 PM  
Blogger Jon said...

First of all, I'm jealous of your proximity to all these great tracks. I'd love to take a horse racing vacation in KY someday.

As for the gambling, I feel your pain.
Funny how analysis works when trying to pick winners in anything. This is my usual routine:

1)I read "expert opinions" for 3 days.
2)I build some silly spreadsheets that give me the illusion of scientific objectivity.
3)I make a decision.
4)It's wrong.
5)It turns out that picking the team/horse/first baseman with the coolest name would have been a better strategy.

Hope you enjoy the Deadwood.

11:32 PM  
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