Friday, March 25, 2005

Did I Mention Bears?

Read the post below and you'll read all about our vacation. Woo. More importantly, I forgot to mention that we saw wild black bears. Not in a state park. Not in a national park. About half a mile from the inn we stayed at. On the road. At night. Just hanging out by the side of the road. Being bears.

In the meantime, I have declared it to be spring. Thus, the weekly trips to Lowes as well as other lawn and garden places have begun. I rescreened the screen door going out to our deck today. An amazingly easy and inexpensive project. And very fulfilling as it as needed to be done for some time now. Bird feeder, hummingbird feeders. We're going to repaint the deck furniture. I spent some time hacking through the vines that somehow despite it being winter, managed to grow enough to obscure the roses we inherited with the property. Swept off the deck, as it still had sheddings from the cedar Christmas tree on it.

The problem we're going to have is the following: Today it got to 65 degrees or so. The highs for the next week are forecast for 55-70. The lows are forecast as no lower than 40. It's absolutely gorgeous weather but as soon as we plant something pretty it will turn cold and kill it, even though we are fast approaching the last feasible day of frost. So for now for the safety of potential plants and to be more economical, we are just putting up little doodads in the yard and planters to suggest where plants might go. Alas. Definitely not as fulfilling as the real thing, but I suppose better than killing stuff as soon as it is planted.

One more thing, I have no idea why in this post and the previous one, I have so many incomplete sentences and phrases thinly disguised as sentences by placing a period at the end of them. Anyway.