Thursday, March 03, 2005


So now I'm doing my two weeks on heme/onc. Lovely. Success is not measured in cures, but in 6 month survival percentages. Really damned depressing. Beer and tequila can fix that though...speaking of...(on a completely different and light-hearted matter)

Something accomplished

I am only 26 and have now seen William Shatner in a restaurant. Just wanted to share. I just knew this was a good time to go to Margarita night at Rincón Mexicano. I swear that I am not making this up. Nor did I yell out "Why did you make the odd-numbered ones, why?" For the truly curious, apparently he likes horses (ie, to be in Kentucky on a random Thursday night).


Blogger Jon said...

For some reason I find the idea of William Shatner in a Mexican food restaraunt in Kentucky extremely amusing. Actually, I find the idea of William Shatner amusing all by itself, but this is even better.

11:19 AM  
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