Friday, March 25, 2005

Did I Mention Bears?

Read the post below and you'll read all about our vacation. Woo. More importantly, I forgot to mention that we saw wild black bears. Not in a state park. Not in a national park. About half a mile from the inn we stayed at. On the road. At night. Just hanging out by the side of the road. Being bears.

In the meantime, I have declared it to be spring. Thus, the weekly trips to Lowes as well as other lawn and garden places have begun. I rescreened the screen door going out to our deck today. An amazingly easy and inexpensive project. And very fulfilling as it as needed to be done for some time now. Bird feeder, hummingbird feeders. We're going to repaint the deck furniture. I spent some time hacking through the vines that somehow despite it being winter, managed to grow enough to obscure the roses we inherited with the property. Swept off the deck, as it still had sheddings from the cedar Christmas tree on it.

The problem we're going to have is the following: Today it got to 65 degrees or so. The highs for the next week are forecast for 55-70. The lows are forecast as no lower than 40. It's absolutely gorgeous weather but as soon as we plant something pretty it will turn cold and kill it, even though we are fast approaching the last feasible day of frost. So for now for the safety of potential plants and to be more economical, we are just putting up little doodads in the yard and planters to suggest where plants might go. Alas. Definitely not as fulfilling as the real thing, but I suppose better than killing stuff as soon as it is planted.

One more thing, I have no idea why in this post and the previous one, I have so many incomplete sentences and phrases thinly disguised as sentences by placing a period at the end of them. Anyway.
There and Back Again

Vacation is awesome. Everybody should have one at least every now and then. We got to spend four wonderful days in a mountain inn above Asheville. Sure, you western people out there may not think of 3,000 feet as a real mountain, but that means something in the east. A lot of our time was spent doing nothing, which was the goal. But we also spent some time milling about downtown Asheville. What is it about mountain places that makes them a draw for hippies? Hippies all over the freakin' place. Whatever.

Of course, being Asheville, we had to spend a day at the Biltmore Estate. Ordinarily I'm not that into taking tours of other people's homes, but this thing really is impressive. Not only is the house huge (our house, which is not tiny, fits inside the "library"), but the guy owned everything within sight. Keep in mind that he could see Mt. Pisgah 19 miles away. Damn impressive. Capitalism rocks.

Unfortunately the Blue Ridge Parkway was mostly closed due to some recent landslides as well as the remnants of winter weather at the higher elevations. So seeing Mt. Mitchell up close was out of the question. But dammit, we weren't going to drive that area and have our only view of "big mountains" be from I-40, so we drove right through the middle and top of the Smokies on US 441 on the way back. Outstanding views and got some great pictures that hopefully will make it up soon. This was my first trip through that area and I was pleasantly surprised, probably because it is not peak season yet. I have always heard that it is a nightmare to drive that road because it is absolutely covered in tourists driving 20mph. And on the Tennessee side, between the state line and Gatlinburg that was largely the case. What was nice was the North Carolina side, between the park entrance and the state line. Much less crowded. We were able to get off the road and hike a trail or two and actually be the only two people around. Also got some nice pictures of that, that hopefully can make it up soon. Thanks to the modern technology of a bigger memory card, we were able to take hundreds of pictures of mountains, mountains in the distance, mountains with sky in the background, waterfalls, rocks in the waterfall, waterfalls in the shade, etc, etc, I think you get the point that we went overboard taking pictures of everything in sight. Multiple times in some cases, just in case the sun had changed 30 seconds later. Dangers of technology.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Time Off

It's time for vacation. Boo-yah. Time to head with Heather for the mountains of Busch...or actually North Carolina. Peaceful time. Nice. Mountainside lodge. Nature. The good food and eclectic nature of Asheville minutes away. This vacation is long enough that I should also have plenty of time for another trip to Alabama.

So my bracket is in. One online courtesy of Okiejon and another identical one with the same picks at the hospital. I am officially the only person in the UK hospital who is picking UK to lose to Oklahoma. The people here are so blind to Kentucky's over-rated-ness.

Thursday, March 03, 2005


So now I'm doing my two weeks on heme/onc. Lovely. Success is not measured in cures, but in 6 month survival percentages. Really damned depressing. Beer and tequila can fix that though...speaking of...(on a completely different and light-hearted matter)

Something accomplished

I am only 26 and have now seen William Shatner in a restaurant. Just wanted to share. I just knew this was a good time to go to Margarita night at Rincón Mexicano. I swear that I am not making this up. Nor did I yell out "Why did you make the odd-numbered ones, why?" For the truly curious, apparently he likes horses (ie, to be in Kentucky on a random Thursday night).