Sunday, February 20, 2005

Winter of Discontent

I appear to be back in a blogging mindset. During February, I haven't been particularly busy as residency goes. Which means that I've been doing things besides sitting in front of a computer.

I am on my second "easy" rotation in a row, which means I have had plenty of time to study for "Step 3". The last and final installment of the exams required for medical licensure in the United States. Assuming that I pass and that the Kentucky State Medical Board (ie, some old men that meet in Frankfort every now and then) doesn't find something horribly wrong with my application, then I will be officially licensed to practice. I bet you didn't know that interns don't technically have a license. Nice to know, huh? It's actually quite exciting to be getting past this step as well.

So this exam that I'm taking this week is a 2-day test covering all aspects of medicine, including pediatrics, ob/gyn, surgery. Somewhat intimidating because it covers all fields, despite the fact that interns are already immersed in only their one field of specialization. That is, I have done only internal medicine and neurology for the past year and Heather has done only pediatrics for the past year, our test is identical. Lovely.

Luckily, it is almost entirely common sense. Or I should say, it seems like common sense after medical school and a year of residency.

What else is going on? Check this shit out. UK has been participating in a new drug study (as well as drug delivery system which is just as important) that can actually stop the progression of Parkinson's Disease, at least over the 2 year study period. Unfortunately the company Amgen pulled out of the trial because of cerebellar lesions that were of no known clinical significance in the non-human primate wing of the study.


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Good luck on the exams, you two!

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