Friday, February 25, 2005

Pain is good, right?

What is up with this rash of everyone have dental problems? Being a trend follower, I thought I'd join in. Having already had my wisdom teeth removed about 10 years ago, I decided to go another route. Apparently I had an area in my mouth, that despite appropriate attention with brushing and flossing, was especially susceptible to cavity formation. Wait, let me rewind this story. Remember that I was taking the last stage of the medical licensure exam, which is 2 days? On the night between the two days I developed "the toothache" which kept me up all night. Luckily, I'm accustomed to holding real patients' fates in my hands with no sleep and with some sort of headache 75% of the time, so the patients on the test fared well.

It's strange being a patient, even for the dentist, at the place where you work. Luckily, I didn't draw a resident dentist, but actually got the head of the clinic. I'm not sure if that was dumb luck or if someone actually read the paperwork stating that my place of employment was up two flights of stairs and down the hall. It's nice though paying $0 for services, not even a co-pay. I've always heard that root canals are painful, but honestly, I hardly felt a thing. And it was nice that the guy explained that apparently my tooth had a second root system and some sort of gap that predisposed it to having problems. Strangely enough, that's fine, because I'd rather be an anatomical freak than unhygienic. They always said I's special. My pain is nowhere near the magnitude of Claudia's but I was humored when the guy instructed me on what "prescription-strength" ibuprofen meant, followed by, "oh yeah, you know that, nevermind, didn't mean to talk down".

Thus, between my lovely day, and the fact that Heather got no sleep last night and went to bed at 3pm and did not wake up for pizza and will likely sleep until tomorrow morning, one can understand my enthusiasm expressed in the post immediately below this one.


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