Monday, January 10, 2005

A New Addiction that has nothing to do with Meth

So I have a new project with NCAA 2005. Win all the rivalry trophies. Auburn's rivalries don't have trophies, since they pretty much just have old-fashioned hate behind them (ie, Alabama, Georgia, LSU), not any golden boots or paul bunyan's axe or anything. So I'm starting with the SEC rivalries that have actual trophies and branching out from there. I played as LSU and creamed both Tulane for the Tiger Rag and Arkansas for the golden boot. Amusing. LSU's offense is extremely balanced in that game. Can't run the option for shit, but everything else clicks well. I am amazed every time I play against Alabama at how good they are in the game, and not because of how they were on the field this year. They're a passing team in the game. It's still confusing, since during 2005, they would run for 300 yards a game and be lucky to complete 5 passes. Enough on that for the moment, since the game already takes enough of my attention...

Over Christmas I refound an old hobby from my youth: astronomy. The problem with Kentucky in winter is the nearly eternal cloud cover, so I may not get much actually seen until spring, though last night we had a really good view of Saturn. Also, with the advent of digital cameras which has happened since I was young, one can now hold a camera up to a telescope eyepiece and just take a picture of whatever the telescope is looking at. Got some cool pictures of Saturn last night. They're too blurry to put up right now, but when I perfect the technique of holding by stupid hands still in the cold, I plan on putting some pictures up, if I can make some good ones. Just when our neighbors had decided we were complete oddballs, I take a telescope onto our deck and aim it right over their living room during primetime TV.

Need to work on that hurricane recipe....Mardi Gras party either Feb 5 or 6...maybe...


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