Friday, December 10, 2004

Tis the season for giving, so go to Liquor Barn

Apparently, Target has decided that the little old lady from the Salvation is no longer welcome. Well, they're still at Liquor Barn, reaffirming it as my favorite store in Lexington.

So UK got spanked in basketball by UNC. They are a bunch of freshmen, learning the ropes as they go after all. Next up: Indiana. Now, Indiana is not the powerhouse that is used to be, but I did read an interesting fact today: UK has beaten Indiana 9 of the last 10 times in both basketball and football. They must be the only poor suckers, who, when UK mouths off about basketball, they can't give the standard reply that UK's SEC opponents give of "Yeah, what about football?".

And lest I forget, because I won't, fuck the damn shitty ass BCS. Until there is a playoff system, I refuse to acknowledge any national champion. I look at this retroactively as well. We've never had a national champion. That term implies teams that play each other and defeat all legitimate challengers. There has been and will continue to be a consensus pick of who people think is the best team in the nation. That's fine. That's the way it's always been. But that has always been just an opinion. The BCS is nothing more than an artificial points system, which gives a false impression of one team being an absolute champion. What this system gives us is a points champion, not an on-the-field champion. And while this may be more scientific than the opinions of 60-something writers, some of whom are in markets where college football is on page 8 of the sports section and 60-something coaches, some of whom have a very vested interest in the rankings or even worse, personal grudges, it is artificial and can always be tinkered with and adjusted ad nauseam (see years 1998-2004). And it obviously will never be able to handle situations of more than 2 legitimate teams for a national championship. And it will never handle >8 teams worthy of the 4 most lucrative bowls. Actually, there probably are 8 or less teams this year in that category, it's just not the 8 that are playing. Thank you, Big East. As stated above, it gives the illusion of being both scientific and in agreement with the polls. What do pollsters know, really? I would be interested in knowing how many minutes of footage most pollsters have seen of Utah. Of Cal. Of Louisville. Hungry now, more later, maybe.


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