Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Snow? But it already snowed once this year.

Supposedly it will snow much tonight. Joy. Actually we had snow on the ground over the weekend, but it was the harmless, pretty kind. That melted. That did not become ice at a moment's notice. We are now the owners of a genuine snow shovel (used to move snow apparently), some kind of powdery stuff guaranteed to melt up to 2" of ice in 10 minutes (which I'm sure is safe), and something in a spray can called windshield de-icer. We realized that no matter how much ice is on the streets and how often the snow plow runs, our driveway is not included in those services and to boot, it goes uphill from our garage to the street. Woops. Should be interesting.


Blogger richard said...

Good luck with the snow shoveling, an unenviable task we've been luck enough to avoid in our apartment complex.

4:21 PM  
Blogger richard said...

How is it down there today (12/23)? I had to dig Mary's car out with a bucket this morning... I hope we're able to make it to the airport tonight and catch our flight.

11:11 AM  
Blogger Brian said...

Sorry for the late response Richard; I was in the hospital from 5:30am on Thursday until Noon on Friday.

The ice here is pretty impressive. Absolutely everything is covered with up to an inch of it. Trees, stop signs, I mean everything.

I actually left for the hospital ten minutes after the true sleet and freezing rain started, so the car wasn't buried or anything. And within those ten minutes, it was a half inch deep. It was strange driving streets where I was the first person to test how slick it was. Got to the hospital perfectly fine though.

Since I didn't get out until today though, I took some pictures, but they're not as impressive as if I had taken them yesterday. I'm going to get them on when I can.

I don't know of anybody that lost electricity, which is a great improvement over the fabled "Ice Storm of 2003".

6:21 PM  
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