Friday, December 24, 2004

Pictures? Ice Storm? Right here.

Oh, and merry Christmas. Lots of ice. Everywhere. It rained all night. Then the temp went to less than 20. The water instantly froze. Well, plus there was sleet for a couple more hours, which froze where it landed. Pretty though. I hope the pictures worked...

This shrub gives an illustration of how every single branch and twig is completely ensheathed in the ice. Pretty. Posted by Hello

Heather and I explored the backyard and generally acted like children. It's hard to tell, but the willow tree next to the back of the house was heavily weighted down with ice. Posted by Hello

Athena constantly begs to go outside. She got more than she bargained for today, freezing at the line where the roof of the back porch kept ice and sleet off of part of the deck. Posted by Hello

Trees of the backyard. The solid white is the driveway. Posted by Hello
Merry Christmas

Yes, creative title, I know. Appletinis will do that. It's cold. I think the low tomorrow morning is, like, -4 or something. WTF. Everything got coated in a generally 1 inch layer of solid ice as of Thursday morning and it is still there because it hasn't crossed 32 degrees since then and won't until either Sunday or Monday. Wow.

Let's see if my pictures have come through...

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Snow? But it already snowed once this year.

Supposedly it will snow much tonight. Joy. Actually we had snow on the ground over the weekend, but it was the harmless, pretty kind. That melted. That did not become ice at a moment's notice. We are now the owners of a genuine snow shovel (used to move snow apparently), some kind of powdery stuff guaranteed to melt up to 2" of ice in 10 minutes (which I'm sure is safe), and something in a spray can called windshield de-icer. We realized that no matter how much ice is on the streets and how often the snow plow runs, our driveway is not included in those services and to boot, it goes uphill from our garage to the street. Woops. Should be interesting.

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Mmm, Mmm, Good

I'm currently sitting back relaxing after kicking off Christmas decorating. We went yesterday to a cut-it-yourself Christmas tree farm on the edge of town and picked out a nice pretty tree. After getting home, we realized that the trunk is quite crooked, but apparently it's center of gravity is unaffected and it appears straight in a stand. Then came on lights and ornaments.

Keep in mind, this was all with a nice fire burning in the fireplace and the eggnog and Woodford Reserve slowly being depleted. What good is eggnog without good bourbon? Seriously. Once warmed up with our bourbon-eggnog concoctions, we had to walk around our neighborhood checking out decorations. Fun times. It's definitely good to be a light rotation during December. That's all I have to say.

Friday, December 10, 2004

Tis the season for giving, so go to Liquor Barn

Apparently, Target has decided that the little old lady from the Salvation is no longer welcome. Well, they're still at Liquor Barn, reaffirming it as my favorite store in Lexington.

So UK got spanked in basketball by UNC. They are a bunch of freshmen, learning the ropes as they go after all. Next up: Indiana. Now, Indiana is not the powerhouse that is used to be, but I did read an interesting fact today: UK has beaten Indiana 9 of the last 10 times in both basketball and football. They must be the only poor suckers, who, when UK mouths off about basketball, they can't give the standard reply that UK's SEC opponents give of "Yeah, what about football?".

And lest I forget, because I won't, fuck the damn shitty ass BCS. Until there is a playoff system, I refuse to acknowledge any national champion. I look at this retroactively as well. We've never had a national champion. That term implies teams that play each other and defeat all legitimate challengers. There has been and will continue to be a consensus pick of who people think is the best team in the nation. That's fine. That's the way it's always been. But that has always been just an opinion. The BCS is nothing more than an artificial points system, which gives a false impression of one team being an absolute champion. What this system gives us is a points champion, not an on-the-field champion. And while this may be more scientific than the opinions of 60-something writers, some of whom are in markets where college football is on page 8 of the sports section and 60-something coaches, some of whom have a very vested interest in the rankings or even worse, personal grudges, it is artificial and can always be tinkered with and adjusted ad nauseam (see years 1998-2004). And it obviously will never be able to handle situations of more than 2 legitimate teams for a national championship. And it will never handle >8 teams worthy of the 4 most lucrative bowls. Actually, there probably are 8 or less teams this year in that category, it's just not the 8 that are playing. Thank you, Big East. As stated above, it gives the illusion of being both scientific and in agreement with the polls. What do pollsters know, really? I would be interested in knowing how many minutes of footage most pollsters have seen of Utah. Of Cal. Of Louisville. Hungry now, more later, maybe.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

The Fattening of America (including cats)

So we took our cats Bullitt and Athena to the vet the other day. Much has been made in the media in recent years about the expanding waist line of Americans, especially children. Apparently 13 pounds for small-framed cats is considered a bit much, even putting them at risk for what I call "little kitty-cat diabetes". Bad parenting on our part. It seems that they should be getting no more than 5/8 cup of cat food a day. Currently they are not amused, especially Bullitt, since they routinely get about 1 cup per day. And people keep asking us why we don't have plans for kids any time soon. At 70-80 hours of work, each, and not enough income to hire a nanny, little-kid diabetes would be the least of our concerns. I'm amazed that these cats haven't yet snuck off and joined a gang or a prostitution ring given the amount of attention that they get at home.

No BCS talk today. I've just resigned to the idea that USC will beat UCLA, Oklahoma will beat Colorado, and if Auburn beats Tennessee a second time, they will get stuck going to the Sugar Bowl and playing one of the many teams that landed a BCS bowl without even being ranked in the Top 10. Since its inception, the Sugar Bowl has always been the ultimate destination for SEC teams and now, thanks to the craptastic BCS, it is now a consolation prize. Need playoff now.