Saturday, November 27, 2004


So our upper year resident made a bet with we two lowly interns at the beginning of last week, that if we got our patient list to 5 or less by 7pm on Thanksgiving, we could both have a 3 day weekend. This was a bet that we were not expected to win and the Vegas odds were actually about 50:1. But we made it happen and now I'm waking up from my second consecutive day of getting up at 11:00am. Definitely giving Thanks.

We had some flurries on Thursday morning, but they didn't get to the ground because it had already warmed up too much.

Big USC-Notre Dame game today. An Irish win would make the BCS look so more appealing. But at the root, would still not fix the problems inherent to the entire system. UK basketball has started up, destroying the first three opponents without a hitch. Ranked no.8 or so. Good for them.

It is now officially Christmas decorating season, now that the turkeys are gone. Have ambitious plans this year. Ambitious. That phrase makes Heather nervous when mixed with multicolored blinking lights. Can't imagine why.


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