Thursday, November 18, 2004

Good versus Evil

It's almost the 3rd Saturday of November. Almost 2:30. Auburn at Alabama. The most worrisome thing about the Iron Bowl is that whenever one team has high hopes and dreams and expectations, the other one almost always wins. The most disappointing thing about the game in the last couple of years, is that Alabama has not been carrying its weight. Lately they either suck or are on probation. But what can you expect from a place like that?

In all seriousness, should actually be a good game. Auburn's rushing defense against an offense that has nothing but rushing...and a 19th string QB. Of course, last week I really thought that UGA would be a good game as well. No matter what the team playing against Georgia is, I just can't get enough of seeing David Greene get sacked, because it is a relatively rare event.

The other aspect is the heart with which players from both Alabama and Auburn play. Especially considering that most years almost half the Auburn players are from the state of Georgia. Hatred can be learned in less than 4 years after all.

Alas, supper calls. More to come. Almost game day. This really was meant to have more lead in, but well, the VA has been busy this week.


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