Thursday, October 28, 2004

Still Here

Wow, this is just the third entry during this entire month. Of course, that could be because I've spent most of the month working out of town, of which tomorrow will be the last day of driving back and forth and spending every other weeknight on call.

The leaves have all changed their colors and most have fallen or are falling. So now we have a front yard covered in golden yellow, a backyard covered in purply color, and the rest of it covered with pine needles. It feels like fall. And almost everyone on our street has pumpkins or other decoration sitting out front. During our four years in Kentucky, I think this may well be our favorite time of year when it's all said and done. Either this or right after a light snow.

Speaking of snow and such, we got a load of firewood today. It took absolutely no effort. A nice old guy knocked on the door Tuesday and asked if we needed some. I said sure and he brought it today and we unloaded it into the backyard. Firewood is too inefficient to use as a primary energy source, but it sure is pretty on special days, like Dec 26. Since Heather and I will both be working on Christmas day. Ah, the joys of residency.

What else is going on? Auburn kicked Kentucky's ass in football. Not surprising. During the game I felt bad for UK, because Auburn played incredibly sloppy ball and won by 32. However, UK's coach Rich Brooks (whom I never that would outlast Ron Zook, but hey...) made an incredible ass of himself after the game, managing to insult both Auburn and his own team. Asshole. It's not unheard of in the SEC to say things about the other team, but publicly degrading individual players on TV after the game, before even chewing them out in the locker room is just not cool. They're still kids primarily in school for an education, at least in theory. So next year when Auburn comes to Lexington, I just hope I have Saturday off. Enough about that.

Next up... general medicine wards at the VA. Next month, all month. At least I'll get to spend some time at home. Maybe build a fire in the fireplace without burning the house down.