Thursday, October 28, 2004

Still Here

Wow, this is just the third entry during this entire month. Of course, that could be because I've spent most of the month working out of town, of which tomorrow will be the last day of driving back and forth and spending every other weeknight on call.

The leaves have all changed their colors and most have fallen or are falling. So now we have a front yard covered in golden yellow, a backyard covered in purply color, and the rest of it covered with pine needles. It feels like fall. And almost everyone on our street has pumpkins or other decoration sitting out front. During our four years in Kentucky, I think this may well be our favorite time of year when it's all said and done. Either this or right after a light snow.

Speaking of snow and such, we got a load of firewood today. It took absolutely no effort. A nice old guy knocked on the door Tuesday and asked if we needed some. I said sure and he brought it today and we unloaded it into the backyard. Firewood is too inefficient to use as a primary energy source, but it sure is pretty on special days, like Dec 26. Since Heather and I will both be working on Christmas day. Ah, the joys of residency.

What else is going on? Auburn kicked Kentucky's ass in football. Not surprising. During the game I felt bad for UK, because Auburn played incredibly sloppy ball and won by 32. However, UK's coach Rich Brooks (whom I never that would outlast Ron Zook, but hey...) made an incredible ass of himself after the game, managing to insult both Auburn and his own team. Asshole. It's not unheard of in the SEC to say things about the other team, but publicly degrading individual players on TV after the game, before even chewing them out in the locker room is just not cool. They're still kids primarily in school for an education, at least in theory. So next year when Auburn comes to Lexington, I just hope I have Saturday off. Enough about that.

Next up... general medicine wards at the VA. Next month, all month. At least I'll get to spend some time at home. Maybe build a fire in the fireplace without burning the house down.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Jesus of Suburbia

Yes, long time, no blog. And I doubt anyone noticed. Where have I been? Spending too much damn time in Morehead, KY, a charming little town in the hills/mountains with 4 stoplights, 2 of which are at the interstate exit. My time there is now half-way gone. Oh well. It is nice to have weekends off though.

Anyone in the know can tell that I've been listening to too much Green Day from this title.

Wal-Mart has a lot of detractors, but it is an awesome place. Where else could I buy two propane bottles, a chisel set, and a package of ground beef? And not get funny looks or comments on that bizarre combination of products?

Fall has finally hit central Kentucky. This week almost every tree in our neighborhood changed into one pretty color or another. And the high today barely got over 60. I know Richard, you probably won't see 60 again for months.

So Keeneland is 1/3 of the way through the Fall Racing Meet. My parents came up last weekend for my birthday and to see their first horse races. Freak occurrence: my dad mentioned to a business contact that he was coming to Lexington for Keeneland and the guy invited us up to the owners' room to watch his horse run in the 3rd race of the day. That was unexpected, but very very cool. There we are betting a few dollars randomly on horses we know nothing about, while this guy bets a hundred at a time. Not to mention, if his horse had won its race, he would have made $25,000 in less than 2 minutes. It was an interesting perspective. The best thing though was going down while the trainer saddled the horse and gave the jockey advice. Very cool experience. It was like being in the movie Seabiscuit for 3 hours. The general admission seats will never feel the same again.

Sunday, October 03, 2004

Another week in the SEC

During the second quarter of the Auburn-Tennessee game, from high up in the stands of Neyland Stadium, something happened that I didn't realize could ever happen, especially in the 2nd quarter. Fans visiting for the opposing team could be heard. Period. On national TV. Could be heard clearly chanting for the visiting team. No incessant jet-engine-level pro-UT noise from the 109,000 or so wearing hunter's orange. No band playing freakin' Rocky Top 41 feakin' times a game. The win was impressive enough, but I am much more impressed by the alternating silence followed by Auburn chants followed by more silence coming from Neyland.

And what the hell happened to LSU? I really thought that Georgia was overrated and LSU would beat them soundly. Once again, what the hell?

It appears that the SEC is moving away from the parity among teams which has been the norm for the last couple of years. The league seems to be moving back towards having 4-5 teams at the top who dominate all the others, rather than the anybody can beat anybody enviroment that has made the conference more exciting, but has really screwed with getting any number of teams ranked highly. Two to three years ago, there were some bad teams, but that was largely limited to UK and Vandy. The other 10 were at least competitive against each other on any given day, so to speak. Now the suck list has grown to include Mississippi St, Ole Miss, and Alabama. Arkansas and South Carolina remain in limbo. Even if USC is #25 now, the still have to play UT and UF. At Arkansas, everything depends on Matt Jones, affectionately known as "Big Lanky" or "How many years has he been there?". As usual they will continue to be a wildcard and could quite possibly beat Auburn or LSU.

On the other hand, even suck teams can have a good time. We hung out with people tailgating for the UK-Ohio game. Cooking out and drinking beer and bourbon are the same everywhere. But there is this thing called corn-hole. It's like horseshoes, but you throw bean bags onto a sloped piece of wood with a hole in it. 3 points for the hole, and 1 for landing it successfully on the sloped piece of wood. We even went to the 1st half the UK-Ohio game. They get very excited about 1st downs, there is a cheer for it even. And booing the coach's poor play-calling is an artform. And leaving at halftime. We left at halftime, with many of the fans, when we realized Kentucky was trailing at halftime to Ohio, and did hang on to lose 28-16. Sad.