Sunday, September 19, 2004

What a day for football

Not only did Auburn come back and defeat LSU, but UT and Florida gave a heck of a game as well. After Auburn's win over the faux-tigers (notice it rhymes with geaux) we went out to our favorite beer and pizza joint on the edge of UK's campus, Pazzo's. If anyone reading this is familiar with Mellow Mushroom, which is a pizza/beer chain located in almost every SEC city (except Arkansas and the Mississippi's), Pazzo's is similar. Rumor had it that the former manager of the Auburn location of Mell packed up and came to Lexington about 6 years ago. We've noticed that the style of pizza is very similar. Last night we walked in and the manager and some of the staff were all wearing Auburn tee-shirts. Keep in mind, that this was during UK's home opener being played about a mile away. Not only that, but while we were looking up at the Tennessee game, our waitress asked us if had watched that good Auburn game on earlier. Didn't even mention the opponent.

This was cool, maybe someone has had this before. I tried a "Smoothie" last night. It's a blend, along the idea of a Black and Tan, but it is Guinness and Woodchuck. Yummy indeed.

Also interesting is that in the morning we had gone to the farmer's market and saw someone there wearing an Auburn sweatshirt. I'm not sure why there is such a presence here. One must realize, it's not like we were seeing shirts from schools all over. No Ohio State. No Tennessee. No West Virginia. All UK and an occasional Auburn shirt. Very bizarre. I think after that game a few years ago though, UK tries not to think about LSU too much.

Oh and by the way, UK beat Indiana 51-32. Go Kats.


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