Thursday, September 30, 2004

And One More

So, my intern year schedule started out with an easy month and then three consecutive months of overnight call. Two of those three are now gone. I'm still unsure what this coming month in a town of 8,000 in the middle of eastern Kentucky is going to be like. Yesterday I heard a version that made it sound like a pretty good time, all things considered, other than being away from home.

I haven't had any clever or interesting stories from the medical world lately. The ICU and CCU aren't necessarily clever and happy. However, the other day we were admitting a guy and we asked him who his usual cardiologist was. He replied with the phrase "Who shot Lincoln?". Normally at the VA, that means that the patient is crazy and everything they say after that should be ignored. However, after a split second, I realized that we had an attending somewhere at UK named Booth.

And finally, please follow this link to the Glasgow Gomer Scale, a takeoff from the Glasgoq Coma Scale. This list is so incredibly wrong, but dead on. I've seen many of these things for real.