Monday, August 23, 2004

Yes, yes, I know. Once again, a really long time without a blog entry. Not that they're that interesting anyway. So one thing about in-patient neurology has really sunk in during this month. I have sent far more patients to rehab facilities, nursing homes, and hospice (home to die) than I have straight home. The numbers are almost overwhelming, except that it's not unexpected.

On a slightly unrelated note, I dealt with a guy who was a little crazy the other night at the VA who asked me where the VA found its doctors and just how long I had been a "government yes-man". Needless to say this guy was a little nuts. I explained to him that my homeland had been overrun by US war criminals (murder and rape of civilians, wanton destruction of private property, etc) 139 years ago and that I sure as hell wasn't a yes-man to "his government". Some things just find their way out at 2am. Somehow, this tirade actually calmed him down and I didn't get any more calls about this guy the rest of the night. I will definitely keep this one in my back pocket.

The UK undergrads moved back onto campus this past weekend, as classes begin on Wednesday. The sudden addition of 15-20,000 people to a city of 300,000 within a few days (since most UK students are not necessarily from Lexington and it seems that most don't stay for summer) can make things more crowded than one realizes.

And UK's first football game is in less than 2 weeks against Louisville. I'm not excited. More importantly, Auburn's first game is in less than 2 weeks against powerhouse Louisiana-Monroe. I can't get that excited about that one either. But then the preseason will end and SEC play will start. By then I'll be 11 days into my ICU/CCU rotation and hopefully will figure out how to get internet radio in the VA.

Now that summer is over, we found a patio umbrella. For $10. Amazing. It even came pre-wired with Christmas tree lights along the ribs. $10. It was the last patio umbrella at Meijer. We win. So this is a long random post, but then I haven't posted in 12 days. Been a little busy. But I don't think I've breached the 80 hour limit since the first week, which is a good sign.


Blogger Taylor said...

Your yes-man tale was quite amusing.

The students just all showed back up at UT, as well. Man, does that make things more crowded.

10:50 PM  
Blogger Claudia said...

Whoa, very nice rant. Anyway, I understand the grief of student move-in. I remember that in Champaign, we basically had to stay home on freshman move-in weekend because the highway was clogged with lost parents. Here it's the winter visitors trickling in along with the students. My commute is a little longer now, and I don't go anywhere near the campus.

I miss Meijer. Actually, I miss the Illinois grocery stores in general.

11:48 AM  
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