Sunday, August 29, 2004

What do Alaska and Ethiopia have in common?

Nothing like a nice slow day to make life a little easier. Less than 3 hours at the hospital today, although 20 minutes of that was getting an earful on the phone from a lady, who although she hasn't seen her husband in days, and knows nothing about medicine, wanted to dictate to us what medication to use because someone she knows had advised her that way. Irritating.

I did manage to change out one of the light fixtures in our house though. Despite the overall attractiveness of our house, we inherited some quite tacky light fixtures. One down, many to go. And topped off the evening with enchiladas at Rincón. And it was mariachi night. Loud band, small building. Luckily we got to enjoy it before they circled around right on top of us.

Last night the Neurology Dept hosted the "welcome new interns party" at an attending's house. Most departments do that sort of thing in June, before we all get busy. Last night only 2/3 of us could be there since we're all working now. The cool thing about this party is that since the origins of the residents and attendings are so varied, the rule is that everyone has to bring something to eat representative of their homeland or ethnic origin. All kinds of good food representing every inhabited continent except Australia. Heather and I represented Alabama/Georgia (since everyone here seems to get the two states confused) by bringing homemade peach cobbler. Damn fine cooking on Heather's part. All I contributed was peeling half of the peaches.


Blogger Claudia said...

Good luck with the home improvements. Our light fixtures were fine, but what the previous owners left us were a lot of half-assed diy projects that they really, really could have used help on. We're still sorting all of those out.

10:43 AM  
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