Friday, August 27, 2004

So I was weedeating the other day with the weedeater on the back 40, as I refer to the slightly overgrown area next to our back fence and guess what I discovered? A woodpile! We are now the proud owners of 8 sticks of prime firewood. Ready for winter are we!

So I was just curious and checked out Al-Jazeera's website, which I refuse to place a link to. What I realized is that it's not just that they have an agenda, it's that they have absolutely no idea how to be journalists. I realize that that is secondary to the hateful agenda, but it makes them extra dumb, to use a technical term. More to come, as I have to go greet company now


Blogger Chad said...

I know you're busy saving people's lives and stuff but when you have a chance let me know some specifics on the Al-Jazeera's site. I checked it out and it didn't seem that bad.

11:20 PM  
Blogger Brian said...

Did you get past the front page? If you go past the front page news stories, which are essentially the same as news stories from any non-US media source, you get to the sections where many "urban myths" concerning American foreign policy, including some that have been proven untrue, are still applied to everyday events which are used as proof of their existence. Any amount of investigative journalism would illuminate most of these stories as scarcely above the journalistic integrity of tabloids. They make for good reading if you're predisposed to believe them, as many people on the receiving end of American force are these days. If any particular media source takes a stance, there are plenty of legitimate arguments to make before resorting to publishing rumor and hearsay without investigation. It's not that Al-Jazeera is completely of that type, but it doesn't seem to discriminate very well between the two. If you go past the bland news stories up front, you'll find more stories posted as news, not editorials, that have absolutely no facts forming a relationship between the initial event (whatever that was) and a conclusion that the global US-Israeli conspiracy was at fault.

1:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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