Sunday, August 08, 2004

85 hours and it's almost time for

Long time, no blog. In the last 7 days I've worked 85 hours. I guess that explains that. The two 30-hour days are what really knock one out. There really isn't much to blog about because I haven't done much other than work. Oh, got paid last week for the first time. Positive income is cool. Lexington had the Midsummer Night's Run last night. No we didn't run. We watched it from the dining room at Anna Belle's. See note about getting paid.

So this is a Sunday in August. The front page of the Sports section did not mention football at all. However, it did have an in-depth analysis of the recently-released UK basketball schedule for the upcoming year. Go figure. I'm not used to seeing Vanderbilt listed as one of the "key" conference games. Of course, for UK football Vanderbilt is a key conference game, because it's one of the few they have a chance to win.


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