Sunday, August 29, 2004

What do Alaska and Ethiopia have in common?

Nothing like a nice slow day to make life a little easier. Less than 3 hours at the hospital today, although 20 minutes of that was getting an earful on the phone from a lady, who although she hasn't seen her husband in days, and knows nothing about medicine, wanted to dictate to us what medication to use because someone she knows had advised her that way. Irritating.

I did manage to change out one of the light fixtures in our house though. Despite the overall attractiveness of our house, we inherited some quite tacky light fixtures. One down, many to go. And topped off the evening with enchiladas at Rincón. And it was mariachi night. Loud band, small building. Luckily we got to enjoy it before they circled around right on top of us.

Last night the Neurology Dept hosted the "welcome new interns party" at an attending's house. Most departments do that sort of thing in June, before we all get busy. Last night only 2/3 of us could be there since we're all working now. The cool thing about this party is that since the origins of the residents and attendings are so varied, the rule is that everyone has to bring something to eat representative of their homeland or ethnic origin. All kinds of good food representing every inhabited continent except Australia. Heather and I represented Alabama/Georgia (since everyone here seems to get the two states confused) by bringing homemade peach cobbler. Damn fine cooking on Heather's part. All I contributed was peeling half of the peaches.

Saturday, August 28, 2004

Taylor, the secret package was received. The packaging material stating "Handle with Care" was a nice touch. We might actually need that thing within the next month, although it got above 90 degrees for the first time this summer yesterday. Weird.

College football finally starts, sort of, tonight. Go Hokies. Or at least, don't go Trojans. UK is gearing up for another awesome season. The one conference win might be in jeopardy though, as the newspaper pointed out that Vanderbilt has 11 returning starters on offense.

Tangential to the football season, as I was driving by Commonwealth Stadium the other day, I observed an actual high speed car chase involving a stolen car and three chasing police cars. It was exciting enough to keep me from falling asleep on the way home. Ah, residency.

Friday, August 27, 2004

So I was weedeating the other day with the weedeater on the back 40, as I refer to the slightly overgrown area next to our back fence and guess what I discovered? A woodpile! We are now the proud owners of 8 sticks of prime firewood. Ready for winter are we!

So I was just curious and checked out Al-Jazeera's website, which I refuse to place a link to. What I realized is that it's not just that they have an agenda, it's that they have absolutely no idea how to be journalists. I realize that that is secondary to the hateful agenda, but it makes them extra dumb, to use a technical term. More to come, as I have to go greet company now

Monday, August 23, 2004

What does it mean for our Roomba to have a layer of dust on top?

I can't believe in my long post I just left, I forgot to mention the prime achievement of the last 2 weeks. I am now the proud owner of a weedeater. Gas. Few things are cheerier than the loud hum/purr of a 2-cycle engine whacking some weeds. Awesome.
Yes, yes, I know. Once again, a really long time without a blog entry. Not that they're that interesting anyway. So one thing about in-patient neurology has really sunk in during this month. I have sent far more patients to rehab facilities, nursing homes, and hospice (home to die) than I have straight home. The numbers are almost overwhelming, except that it's not unexpected.

On a slightly unrelated note, I dealt with a guy who was a little crazy the other night at the VA who asked me where the VA found its doctors and just how long I had been a "government yes-man". Needless to say this guy was a little nuts. I explained to him that my homeland had been overrun by US war criminals (murder and rape of civilians, wanton destruction of private property, etc) 139 years ago and that I sure as hell wasn't a yes-man to "his government". Some things just find their way out at 2am. Somehow, this tirade actually calmed him down and I didn't get any more calls about this guy the rest of the night. I will definitely keep this one in my back pocket.

The UK undergrads moved back onto campus this past weekend, as classes begin on Wednesday. The sudden addition of 15-20,000 people to a city of 300,000 within a few days (since most UK students are not necessarily from Lexington and it seems that most don't stay for summer) can make things more crowded than one realizes.

And UK's first football game is in less than 2 weeks against Louisville. I'm not excited. More importantly, Auburn's first game is in less than 2 weeks against powerhouse Louisiana-Monroe. I can't get that excited about that one either. But then the preseason will end and SEC play will start. By then I'll be 11 days into my ICU/CCU rotation and hopefully will figure out how to get internet radio in the VA.

Now that summer is over, we found a patio umbrella. For $10. Amazing. It even came pre-wired with Christmas tree lights along the ribs. $10. It was the last patio umbrella at Meijer. We win. So this is a long random post, but then I haven't posted in 12 days. Been a little busy. But I don't think I've breached the 80 hour limit since the first week, which is a good sign.

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Warning: Depressing news ahead
From Heather:

Residency is getting better and better. I am halfway through my month of genetics and now everyone I see has some kind of disorder. I had a kid last week who came in for an ear check and now has a brain tumor which is probably inoperatable. So my week pretty much sucks right now. I guess it could be worse, I could be doing neurology :)
I did see my first "real" patient today for her two month check. She is doing great. She is an Alabama girl herself. Her mother grew up about thirty miles from where I grew up in Alabama. Her mom actually graduated from high school with my little brother's roommate. Small world, huh.
Brian is on call tonight. He is so happy to be doing neurology, but he is working really hard. The cats miss him, as do I. But I am finally realizing that I am not the only one who feels overwhelmed or alone or whatever all this stress of being a doctor for real is like. It has taken me some time to figure it all out. It helps to have a co-intern whose husband is a surgeon. He really is never at home. What eighty hour rule?
The paycheck doesn't hurt either. I got a bunch of new clothes last weekend and I am a happier person now. It never hurts to look good.
Sorry about the depressing entry, we have been slammed by a bunch of really heartbreaking stuff right now and I am trying to just deal with it all and find good in day to day stuff. It is so frustrating to sit there and tell a parent that we think your kid might have some horrible disease but we can't test for it and they should follow up with us in six months. Or worse asking a set of parents if they could be related to one another while there child is being removed from life support. Good times. Most of kids in clinic are healthy and doing well though so it will be fine.

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Is it a llama or an alpaca? Git'R Done!!!

So I was doing my third spinal tap in two nights. On a federal prisoner. Nice guy. During a humorous turn of events, while I had a 6 inch spinal needle wedged into this guy's back, he and one of his three guards begin a discussion about this animal that was on the TV. One guard said it was "that thing like a camel, but not a camel". To which another guy said, "Oh, a llama." Then the patient, the guy with a 6-inch needle in his back, blurts out, "No it's more like a furry, colored-sheep." Someone finally decided it must be an alpaca. I must say I was impressed.

Then one of the guards randomly blurted out "Git 'r done!" about the time I was pulling the needle out. That was entertaining. I must admit I have a special place in my heart for the humor of Larry the Cable Guy. Good stuff. Wherever the hell he is from. Can't quite place that dialect.

Sunday, August 08, 2004

85 hours and it's almost time for

Long time, no blog. In the last 7 days I've worked 85 hours. I guess that explains that. The two 30-hour days are what really knock one out. There really isn't much to blog about because I haven't done much other than work. Oh, got paid last week for the first time. Positive income is cool. Lexington had the Midsummer Night's Run last night. No we didn't run. We watched it from the dining room at Anna Belle's. See note about getting paid.

So this is a Sunday in August. The front page of the Sports section did not mention football at all. However, it did have an in-depth analysis of the recently-released UK basketball schedule for the upcoming year. Go figure. I'm not used to seeing Vanderbilt listed as one of the "key" conference games. Of course, for UK football Vanderbilt is a key conference game, because it's one of the few they have a chance to win.