Thursday, July 22, 2004

What day is today?  I bet Ken knows
Hola.  Long time no post.  Well, but it is my first month of residency.  And currently I'm nearing the end of the first of my two weeks as "the night guy" at the VA.  I've been working 8pm-8am all week tending to every little problem that crops up at night.  Other than losing track of what day it is, it's going OK.  Oh, and not sleeping.  And not eating.

Remember I mentioned in one post that the VA caught on fire?  It did it again the other night.  The alarm woke up all the patients with pain and anxiety issues.  At 3:30am.  Wonderful.  In the meantime I have been doing some Neurology reading.  Especially neuroimmunology.  I may even consider going into that as a subspecialty.  Deal with things like MS, CIDP, paraneoplastic neurologic problems, etc.

On other fronts, Heather is almost finished with the neonatal ICU.  Two more nights of call and next month on to the Genetics rotation.  Emphasis on genetics, in Kentucky.  Imagine this exchange:  Sir, is there any family history of any medical problem in your family?  "Well, one time I fell off a 100-foot cliff when I was walking around in the dark at night.  And little Junior sometimes rolls off that bottom step or two in the house.  Is that what you mean?"  Yes sir, precisely, but not in the way you're thinking.

And Ken just keeps on rocking.  He makes more money on a lot of shows than I make in a year.  What am I doing wrong?


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