Saturday, June 19, 2004

Tomatillo, anyone?

So we made it to the farmer's market and got some plants. Or rather, a lot of plants. We bought the day-lily guy out of day-lilies, the hosta lady out of hostas, and the tomatillo lady out of tomatillo plants. And them some others. Actually we got the tomatillos last week. And guess what, we already have little baby tomatillos beginning to grow. They're cool-looking.

We have new neighbors moving in on one side. Haven't talked to them in depth yet, but they're young and they're from Orlando. So, when it snows, they'll be more confused than us. I've seen snow at least, maybe, 10 times in my life. Only one big snow since I started driving. For Heather those numbers are even lower, say, 2-3 and none.