Sunday, June 13, 2004

Severe Weather, once more (hopefully without feeling)

We have now been in Kentucky just about 3 weeks. During that time we have had at least a half dozen severe weather and usually also tornado warnings close enough to Lexington to break into network TV. This includes tonight where Nelson County KY is under a tornado warning. The great side effect of these things is that I'm learning my Kentucky local geography very quickly. And these weather people take their jobs very seriously. Back in Mobile, there could be a hurricane about to land and all the TV would show would be a little icon down in the lower left corner that said "Hurricane in progress".

Our conversion of light bulbs to the compact fluorescent type is occurring smoothly. As old incandescent bulbs burn out we're replacing them with energy-saving CF's. I've seen packs of these bulbs available now for as low as $2.50 a bulb (at Lowe's specifically). A lot of people will flinch at that price, but come on, they last forever AND use less energy. Even if the cost came out even, the fact that it saves energy (especially if everybody did it) makes it an environmentally friendly thing to do. And now they're being made that can be used outdoors or even in dimmers. Just a thought.


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