Saturday, June 12, 2004

Maniacal laughter and no super-sizing here

So after a couple of days we have a working air conditioner again. At first it wasn't that bad but when it got to the 80's with humidity in the 80's in the house it was definitely time to get the thing fixed. And when I first felt that gush of cool air from the vent, I indeed laughed uncontrollably.

So we saw Super Size Me last night. For a movie that superficially is just about a guy eating for a month, it's good. It goes into a lot of detail about some issues surrounding fast food and obesity in society. And it's no longer just American society. Many parts of the world, especially the third world are becoming obese too. That part is not in the movie, just a tidbit. The movie mentions some European stuff, but the mass of information available seems to show that the Europeans are a little more resistant to the "McDonald's diet". At least he pointed out that it comes down to the consumer's responsibility not to eat a lot of junk food if the consumer doesn't want to become a fat pig. Despite a few flaws, such as not getting a good idea of what his diet was like before the McBinge, it achieves its purpose. Like the doctors in the film, I was a little surprised at the degree by which is cholesterol, liver enzymes, etc increased in just one month. But like I said, maybe he was eating relatively healthily beforehand. After all, his girlfriend is a vegan chef. Now that's funny. And not just because it's an oxymoron. Overall the movie made me glad that I've had McDonald's less than 15 times in my entire life. I'll plead the 5th on other fast food joint. Now I just can't wait until Saved! comes to town.


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