Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Hooks and Slices

My very productive day today included a much-desired trip to the driving range in nearby Jessamine County. I just like typing and saying such a pretty name. Scale is so different here. I drove to the county seat of the next county to go to the driving range and that was only 5 miles away. Apparently I'm slicing my drives and hooking my iron shots. And to top things off this place I went to not only has a full golf course with driving range, but also a Tiki bar. Now that's class.

To prepare for both residency and the impending police state that we will be living in soon, I've begun reading The Gulag Archipelago. Charming and uplifting piece of work. Some of those little hippy shits that protest all the WTO meetings and who would gladly plunge the world into a communist nightmare should check it out. On a related note, apparently Bush has decided that torture is OK in the name of state security. Why did he need a legal opinion from the ethics panel if he didn't intend to do it? Very slippery slope.