Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Hammocks rule and Benadryl ain't all bad

So we finally obtained a hammock and got it up in less than 10 minutes yesterday. Now many an hour of "reading" can go by in the shade under the deck. So I found out my schedule for the first half of the upcoming year. It seems that my first month as a "doctor" will be spent half on a consultation service (which one remains to be determined) and half on nephrology, ie, the dialysis service. Not too bad a way to start off actually. Definitely less intense than, say, ER or the ICU. Heather has her schedule and starts off on the very intense neonatal ICU. But at least she will get it over with and has a run of fairly light months after that. Overall, we're just avoiding the thought that in 3 weeks nurses will actually start asking us what to do. With some exceptions, the answer Benadryl will often suffice until someone intelligent arrives.


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