Saturday, June 12, 2004

From Heather

We are now the proud owners of a new condenser motor for our heat pump. It sucks to be a such a tight budget and to have everything breaking around you, but on the bright side, the cats are now running around again instead of sitting underneath the ceiling fans.
Many of you have heard us talk about and some of you have even been to the strange Baptist run diner in Mobile. They write "God Bless" on every ticket and then give you evil looks when you let a mild expletive past your lips when you eat there. Brian and I found the Lexington equivalent tonight, but you can get beer there. Very strange. There were children running around and a strange Yankee woman talking about how upset she was that those two men who run France and Japan didn't come to Reagan's funeral even though they were just in Georgia this week and that they should be "drug out into the street and shot" for not going.
On the moving front, we now have gotten rid of all of our boxes, a neighbor is moving out so he asked and he received. We also are beginning to hang artwork and arrange lamps and knick-knacks. And I have completed two inches on my new sweater that I am knitting. I am going to plant flowers and read about sick babies tomorrow.


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