Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Four-Way Stops and Affidavits

Those two items are ubiquitous in Lexington. Even 4-way stops between 2 4-lane streets. Those work well. And affidavits solve everything. For joint tax credit on an automobile, one of course must prove marriage. They do not even accept marriage certificates for this proof, but rather simply signing an affidavit proves it beyond doubt. Speaking of tax, I was introduced to the concept of "usage tax". Sucks ass.

Another humorous thing that I have neglected to mention: the adult movie theater in Lexington is located on a street named Family Circle. Cracks my shit up every time. Umm, I learned that from the yellow pages (looking for regular theaters dammit).

Our nesting pair of mourning doves on the deck have hatched their eggs. It has been extremely rainy lately so I hope they turn out OK.

Met the people next door yesterday. Big UK basketball fans. OK, who where isn't? Nice folks though and they own a donut store. Excellent.

Got my new car tag yesterday. I opted for the plain tag, nothing special, although I deliberated on one of the wildlife tags for a while. Follow this link and observe the smiling sun to see why we call it "the teletubby sun tag". And that sun is reflective at night.

Anyway, we are off to the distillery in nearby Versailles (pronounced in Kentuckian as "Ver-sails") where they produce Woodford Reserve. Should be nice. Got to see Makers Mark last fall.