Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Cat-Dog and Kinda-Diet Coke

So I tried the new Coke product C2 yesterday. Half the sugar and therefore calories of regular Coke. In my opinion, it tastes 97% as good as regular Coke, which is more than plenty. This product is brilliant for those who want to drink something which is healthier than Coke, albeit in itself still not as good as, say, water, and for whom Diet Coke tastes like ass. Stale ass. In summary, if you're a Coke addict (not coke addict) and know you should drink diet, but refuse because diet tastes like stale ass, this is for you.

Our female cat Athena has learned how to play fetch. I kid you not. Stand at the bottom of the stairs and throw a ball to the top (small ball) and she will run up the stairs, pick the ball up in her mouth, and bring it back. She only does this trick on the stairs though. She also makes a bark-like noise when you scratch her near her butt, but I guess that's another story.


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