Friday, June 04, 2004

Bourbon makes nasty people more tolerable

I think that I have rediscovered Bourbon. I had sworn it off since the unfortunate incident of one slow afternoon in February, 1998. However, along with horse-racing and tobacco, it is a key part of the Kentucky triad. I think in small quantities I can dig it.

So we took our trip and tour of the Woodford Reserve distillery over in Versailles. Apparently it's on the other side of Versailles, so we were nearly in Frankfort. Woo-hoo. Damn fine tour. They did a little bit better job explaining the bourbon-making process than the tour we took at Maker's Mark last fall, but I think that Maker's Mark has a prettier facility. One upshot is that Woodford County is wet, so everybody (except the 16 year old kid on the tour) got a half shot of premium Woodford Reserve bourbon at the end of the tour. Damn fine stuff. And at $30 a bottle, less expensive than I thought it was.

At long last, I finally opened my bottle of Conecuh Ridge bourbon-style whiskey. This is a brand new product that somehow has been designated the official state spirit of Alabama. It meets all of the legal requirements to be called bourbon, except that they use re-used barrels. I have been quite impressed with this stuff. Supposedly the recipe is that of an old moonshiner in Pike County Alabama, but it seems a little too tasty to be of that origin. Whatever, it's nearly on the same level as some of the finest bourbons out there.


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