Sunday, May 30, 2004

Well, we finally opened the last box yesterday. Most of the boxes have been emptied, though others have left behind piles of books in the floor that are awaiting bookshelf room. I've decided that I enjoy yardwork. Of course, it has rained here more in the past week than it did in Mobile during the previous month. Very bizarre. We don't quite have the tallest grass on the street, but it's getting there. I guess we'll be buying a lawnmower as soon as it stops raining this afternoon.

There is a bird nest on the rail of our deck and last night at Joseph-Beth (the best bookstore ever)we looked in a bird field guide and figured out that it is a pair of mourning doves that have made that nest and that within a week the eggs should hatch.

On a related note, the nearby Arby's has a duck. There is a duck that lives in and around the Arby's parking lot. Sometimes it's in the bushes and sometimes it's in the middle of the parking lot. I asked the employee at the counter about it and she said it's been living there for a while. Interesting.


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