Saturday, May 22, 2004

We have moved. Kentucky has welcomed us.

Or at least, I have moved. Heather is still in Alabama and thanks to the worst moving company fiasco of all time, 98% of our belongings are hopefully somewhere in Alabama, Tennessee, or Kentucky. I am sitting in our house with a computer and the spare TV. Thanks to Insight Communications though I have internet and digital cable. Few things are more humorous than the power of digital cable connected to a 20 year old 13 inch TV sitting on the floor with no furniture. I also have a cooler full of ice and drinks sitting where the refrigerator is destined to take its place of honor Monday morning. I also went to Wal-Mart and bought some basic gardening tools to while away the daylight hours. I've discovered that I thoroughly enjoy pruning the overgrown shrubbery in the backyard that is blocking the entrance to the garage. Now that I have ice and a cooler, I can begin making margaritas. Than the shrubbery should get molded into some interesting shapes. There are some minor cosmetic things I could do inside the house, except those require tools, and well, we don't know what state those are in, now do we?

Anyway, tally-ho and later


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