Monday, May 10, 2004

So I found out about 30 seconds ago that Blogger changed its interface. So far I am not impressed. Seems slower. Whatever.

Paperwork. That has been the name of the game today. Lots of it. It's a common assumption that residency programs own their residents. I think I might have actually signed over title to my life today. Somewhere between the drug policy, the email account setup, employee health history, ACLS certification, parking permit application, security badge application, and the 5 insurance application forms, I think I really might have signed away title to my life unwittingly.

I had a serious moment (hour) of panic when I realized that my social security card was not where I've always kept it. After finally giving up on ever finding it (and these forms have a deadline), I got online and discovered how frighteningly easy it is to obtain a social security card. Please people, shred ANYTHING that has your SSN number on it. That number plus any fake piece of photo ID can get them a card, and you can imagine how far that can take someone.

On the brighter side of paperwork, there was a form to get season tickets at UK, for football. UK plays some home games against interesting teams this year, including Alabama and Georgia. I could thoroughly enjoy watching UK beat Alabama. Or at least watching the moronic look on Shula's face never change. Even better is that Auburn will come visit in 2005, when I might actually have time to go to the game. A speck of orange in a sea of light blue. Awesome.